Our Mission

Our mission is to champion and sustain a world-class Willamette Falls experience that offers year-round access to the grandeur of the Falls, historic and cultural interpretation, healthy habitat, public open spaces, and that showcases the hospitality of historic Oregon City.

Willamette Falls Trust is the organization bringing people and communities together to make the new vision for a world-class public space along the Willamette River in Oregon City, Oregon a reality.

We are raising the funds and creating the partnerships to support the first phase of transformation, which includes an overlook at the precipice of the Falls, a connection to Oregon City’s downtown, and opportunities to explore history.

We work closely with Willamette Falls Legacy Project—the public-sector collaboration that kick-started this work—and others, as we steward the collective vision for Willamette Falls. The project has the support of Governor Kate Brown, state legislators, local and regional council members—and has been designed with input from thousands of Oregonians.

The restored and reimagined Willamette Falls will connect more people to this Oregon landmark for experiences year round:



Healthy habitats will be restored for the animals that call the river home, from lamprey to salmon, herons to frogs. Native plants both familiar and rare will thrive along the Riverwalk. Lush landscapes will nurture life and welcome picnics, walks and play.

The Yard, from the water.jpg


Through storytelling and interpretive elements, the Riverwalk will celebrate how the Falls has captivated people throughout history to today. It will honor the Falls’ historical and multi-cultural significance, providing opportunities to learn about Oregon’s earliest people, later settlers, the natural resources and industrial innovation that fueled the region’s economy.



The Riverwalk will spur local investment, creating jobs and supporting new and existing businesses. It will connect seamlessly to downtown Oregon City, welcoming people from near and far to shop, dine and explore.

The Mill Interior, image courtesy of Snøhetta.

The Mill Interior, image courtesy of Snøhetta.

With your support, we can create a world-class landmark for everyone to experience.