Join me this November in voting YES on Measure 26-203

As we draw closer to November 5—and our opportunity to vote YES on Measure 26-203, the Nature for All Bond—we’re honored to hear from people around the region about why they are voting YES.

Without raising taxes, the Nature for All Bond will raise funds to protect our state’s precious natural resources, including $20 million for the Willamette Falls Riverwalk.

First up, Marcelino Alvarez, founder of Uncorked Studios, shares why he’s standing behind for Nature for All. 


My connection to the magnificent Willamette Falls is deeply personal. I have family in Oregon City, and have spent many summers swimming, kayaking, boating, and fishing in the Willamette near the Falls.  

Each time I visit the Falls, my mind goes to the “what ifs”:

  • What if the buildings were restored?

  • What if people could access the area more easily?

  • What if the ecosystem was brought back to its natural splendor?

  • What if restaurants, retail, and community came together to create a world class experience? 

The vision for the Willamette Falls Riverwalk answers all my “what ifs.”

There’s no other project like this in the United States, maybe even the world. The waterfalls are rich in history—a complicated story, but one that I want to be told to everyone. Every Oregonian should have the chance to reflect at the Falls about what it means to them. And, although we each may walk away with something different, the experience will also bring us all together.

Nature for All gives us a chance to stand for the things that we love about our region. It means that our children and grandchildren will be able to experience and understand Oregon’s unique history and ecology for generations to come.

This isn’t just a vote for us, it’s a vote for our future. 

Marcelino J. Alvarez
Founder, Uncorked Studios